Sven Lützenkirchen


Helene Fischer


Love is a roller coaster.

Director — Kim Willecke
Production — No Ceilings Entertainment LLC

Fußball WM’18

European Qualifiers

Help — the soccer ball is on fire. Shot on location at epic Eifel. Promotion-spot for free-to-air matches of the European Qualifiers FIFA World Cup 2018.

Director — Isabel Grahs
Production — Mediengruppe RTL

Ninja Warrior


Hello Ninjas! If you are currently training for season 3 then this is the video for you. Promotion trailer for Germany’s version of the Japanese hit format Sasuke.

Director — Hamid Behbudi
Production — Mediengruppe RTL


Frank Scholtka

I didn’t have the foggiest notion how much it takes to maintain a wind turbine in the middle of the North Sea. Until I met Frank Scholtka. In this mini series four young engineers describe how they are improving our future.

Client — Verein Deutscher Ingenieure
Director & DoP — Sven Lützenkirchen
Production — Scholz & Friends Broadcast

Michael Bublé


What do you need to mix a charming global superstar with the new program highlights of television station? A VERY big Screen.

Director — Frederik Geisler
Production — Mediengruppe RTL

Hannes Helmke


A self-initiated artist portrait of the sculptor Hannes Helmke.



History comes to live as living tattoos, projected onto the body of actor Jonas Nay. Opening credits of the International Emmy award-winning series “Deutschland ‘83”.

Director — Illona Helmis
Production — Mediengruppe RTL

Father and Sun

Here in the Rain

When words express what you can’t show, show what you can’t say.

German Film Music Award 2015 Winner

Composer — Loy Wesselburg
Director Susanne — Frericks & Anton Riedel
Director of Photography — Timm Lange & Sven Lützenkirchen
Production — Feedmee

Watch the Making Of


Station IDs

How much masculinity can you squeeze into four seconds? The 24-hour race at Nürburgring was the perfect backdrop for the new station IDs of Germany’s manliest TV channel.

Director — Illona Helmis
Production — Mediengruppe RTL

Mc Donald’s


Everyday the other guys steal his lunch, until one day when he outsmarted them. Commercial for McDonald’s Germany.

Cannes Lions Shortlist 2011

Agency — DDB, HEYE & Partner
Director & DoP — Sven Lützenkirchen
Production — Hager Moss Commercial



#Blog #Insta #Fashion #Travel #Spot

Director — Frederik Geisler
Production — Mediengruppe RTL

Formula 1

Grand Prize USA

Not quite the place for vegans — Texas.

Director — Patrick Gericke
Production — Mediengruppe RTL



Das Auto. No words or translation needed!

Director — Martin Haerlin
Production — Hager Moss Commercial

Sugar Girl

Good advice for a sweeter life, brought to you by adorable Rosa.

Director — Lale Nalpantoglu
Production — Le:Forel Enterprises

Cobra 11


You want Gotham City — you have Cologne… you just need a drone at night.

Director — Lars  Truhn
Production — Mediengruppe RTL

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Sven Lützenkirchen is a Cologne based Director of Photography with more than 15 years of experience across a wide range of award-winning international productions. As a freelance DoP he focuses on the areas of advertising, documentary and image film.

In 2002 he graduated with his critically acclaimed diploma film “Air” from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund. Today he returned to his university and the Academy of Fine Arts Münster in order to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of film makers.
Nominations and Prices
CANNES Film Lions — EPICA Award Bronce — EUROBEST — Eyes & Ears Award — Grimme Award Nomination — German Camera Award Nomination “Best Camera” — Prix Jeunesse International — Erich Kästner Price — German Camera Award Nomination “Best Montage” & “Best Camera” for his diploma film “Air”


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